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Blockchain Technologies


We are dedicated to integrating cutting-edge technologies, providing our users with the pinnacle of the Web3 experience.

KIP-17 Standard

We leverage the KIP-17 standard on Klaytn to mint NFTs, facilitating the creation and trading of unique digital assets that serve as the foundation for a diverse range of NFTs.

Ethereum-based Governance Token

The governance token CODA is issued as an Ethereum-based token and is integral to driving economic activities and operations within the CODA platform.

Bridge Chain

We seamlessly transfer assets between Klaytn-based NFTs and Ethereum-based CODA using a bridge chain, enabling smooth interaction and asset movement across both blockchains.

Atomic Cross-Chain Trading

CODA is actively pursuing atomic cross-chain trading to enable unrestricted asset movement across networks. This process ensures secure exchanges of specific assets between different blockchains, serving as a vital element for effective asset transactions within the CODA platform.

Diverse Technology

The CODA project integrates a variety of technologies, including NFTs, AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), SDKs (Software Development Kits), and the decentralized file system IPFS (InterPlanetary File System). These technologies support data storage, sharing, content delivery, and enhance platform functionality.


Global Compliance Initiatives Underway

Self-Regulation System

The platform provides a self-assessment system for users to evaluate their activities based on platform regulations, along with expert counseling support for assistance with related issues.

Self-Assessment and Expert Counseling Support System

The CODA project team is actively developing a country-specific self-regulation system to foster a healthy platform usage environment.

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