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Governance Token

Chain: Ethereum


CODA stands as a vital element within the CODA platform, integral to various operations and activities. It is attainable through exchanges and acts as a reward for platform engagement.

Cross-Platform Utility

Unlock exclusive NFT collections, items, and more with CODA, enhancing benefits across all WEE:CODA services with every transaction.

Simple User-driven Transactions

Users can engage in the trading of NFTs generated within the marketplace, a fundamental element of the CODA initiative.

CODA Holder Takeover

CODA steps up with a powerful governance feature, putting the decision-making power in the hands of token holders.

*Unlock the Power of DAO: By involving all token holders, we ensure transparency and fairness by incorporating every perspective into our decisions.


CODA Tokenomics

Driving Decisions and Direction Across the Platform


Network: Ethereum

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

  • Ecosystem (29%): It's utilized to build and energize the CODA ecosystem.

  • Marketing & Rewards (21%): Used for initial growth activities, including user acquisition, branding, platform expansion, and development. It also includes rewards that ecosystem participants can obtain by playing content or holding tokens, serving as rewards for ecosystem support.

  • Reserve Fund (10%): Reserved for advisors, marketing, and rewards.

  • Founders & Team (6%): Distributed to developers and other relevant parties from various fields who contributed to the initial development, market economics development, and operations.

  • Adviser (4%): Distributed to external advisors and consultants who participated in the platform's initial development and design.

  • Partnership (30%): Distributed to partners involved in the WEE:CODA project.

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