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About Company

Who We Are

Founded in 2022, METASKY cultivates a digital ecosystem that promotes positive values by empowering economic autonomy within the metaverse platform. Leveraging blockchain technology to connect virtual and real worlds, METASKY establishes a cyclical structure where users' created value can be realized. With a focus on user-centric services and positive social impact, METASKY consistently delivers sustainable value.

Our Mission

METASKY strives to deliver a positive user experience through its platform, fostering economic value creation and enhancing user autonomy. Users can enjoy personalized content and leverage their items as valuable assets, aligning with METASKY's focus on the CODA blockchain and metaverse.

Our Vision

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Introducing WEE:CODA by METASKY, an ecosystem evolving into a global metaverse platform enabling legitimate economic activities. Encourage real-world-like transactions, exchanging asset values securely within the platform. Our user-friendly internal search engine enhances content discovery, ushering in a new era of the metaverse.

Our Management Team

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